Computational Science in Engineering

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The Computational Science in Engineering is a rapidly evolving field that exploits the power of computation as an approach to major challenges on the frontiers of natural and social science and all engineering fields. The primary focus lies on developing problem-solving methodologies and robust tools for numerical simulation. The goal is to present the fundamentals of scientific computing, with short codes to implement the key concepts. This includes a framework for applied mathematics such as Linear Algebra, ODEs and PDEs. To understand phenomena and processes from science and engineering, these simulations require advanced skills in mathematical modelling, numerical analysis, efficient algorithms, computer architecture, software design and implementation, validation, and visualization of results.
Freshman/Sophomore undergraduate students and postgraduate students of Aerospace/Mechanical/Chemical/Civil EngineeringPREREQUISITES : Basics of Mathematics and programmingINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Aerospace, Automobile, Chemical and Power Generation and Defense Industries