Computational Geometry

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  • Point inclusion in a polygon
    • How can it be determined whether you have selected a particular region on an interactive map? This problem is an excellent starting point to get introduced to computational geometry and a variety of its applications!
  • Convex hulls
    • Algorithmic processing of finely shaped objects may be computationally expensive. Can they be reasonably approximated, so as to decrease the handling costs? Convex hulls will come at hand!
  • Intersections
    • Geographic information systems typically store a vast amount of data in the form of various maps. How can be those efficiently combined to provide an adequate response to our requests? Get acquainted with the key algorithmic aspects underlying map overlay!
  • Polygon triangulation
    • In computer graphics, 3D-scenes are commonly represented by complex polygonal models. Do you wonder how those can be processed efficiently? Triangulation stays behind!
  • Orthogonal range search
    • How can computational geometry assist us in querying a database? You are about to learn the answer!