Computational Fluid Dynamics using Finite Volume Method

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In this course, the discretization and solution of diffusion, convection-diffusion, and incompressible fluid flow equations are discussed. Finite volume method is used to discretize each of the equations. The discretization and solution methods are formulated on structured as well as unstructured meshes. This course involves hand-calculations on simple meshes as well as numerical programming of the algorithms discussed.
Bachelors, masters and doctoral students, practicing scientists and engineers from industry.
PREREQUISITES :Courses on linear algebra, numerical methods, incompressible fluid mechanics, and heat transfer
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :General Electric, General Motors, ANSYS, ISRO, DRDO



Week 1:Review of governing equationsWeek 2:Classification of governing equationsWeek 3:Overview of numerical solution methodsWeek 4:Steady diffusion equation on structured meshes
Week 5:Unsteady diffusion equation on structured meshesWeek 6:Diffusion in unstructured meshesWeek 7:Convection and diffusion Week 8:Higher-order schemes
Week 9:Convection and diffusion on unstructured meshesWeek 10:Linear system solversWeek 11:Incompressible flow field calculationWeek 12:Staggered and co-located formulation