Competitor Analysis: From Business Level Strategy to Organisational Structures

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Explore competitive analysis in a strategic and decision-making context

What is competitor analysis, and how can it help businesses outperform their rivals? Understanding your competition is vital to surpassing them. This short, 360-degree course will explain how.

Competitive analysis can be defined as identifying a businesses major rivals and researching their products, sales, and marketing strategies. The right competitive analysis framework and tools can play a major part in planning your future strategies and decision-making.

Learn the different types of organisational structures

In this course, you’ll get to grips with understanding organisational goals and values, and why it’s important to think of your competitors as stakeholders. You’ll also explore the different types of organisational structures, such as the ‘lean pyramid’.

Use competitive analysis tools

Find out how you can easily perform competitive analysis by using the right tools. Although many tools target a particular niche, more generic tools can be used to analyse multiple areas of a competitor and their strategies to give you an overview of their efforts, allowing you to see potential avenues for growth.

Understand business level strategy

Business level strategies provide a way to add value to customers by exploiting a firm’s core competencies. In this course, you’ll examine how such strategies can help a company gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This ExpertTrack is designed for intermediate-level business managers and students to gain more knowledge about strategy and globalisation. This course will equip you with the concepts, framework and techniques needed for better environmental scanning.