Competitive Programming for Beginners

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  • Basic Algorithms
    • In this first module of our course we will: talk about how to measure efficiency of the developed algorithm; learn what is asymptotics; learn how to implement some simplest algorithms.
  • Number Theory
    • In this module of our course we will: talk about integer data types in existing programming languages, limitations of these types and ways to pass those limitations in competitive programming tasks; look at some applications of the modulo calculations related to the calculation of the greatest common divisor; learn what the regular and extended Euclid's algorithm is and how they are used in math (to prove important theorems) and in programming.
  • Dynamic Programming
    • In this module we will talk about the dynamic programming. You surely have been faced with it when you implemented prefix sums or the sieve of Erathosphenes. Also it turns out to be a part of a large number of algorithms, so it’s extremely important to learn the topic in small details.
  • Graph Theory
    • In this closing part of our course we shall get acquainted with the basic definitions and algorithms of graph theory in regard to competitive programming in general