Compassion in Fashion: Sustainability and the Global Fur Trade

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  • Fecha Incio:17/04/2023
  • Universidad: ACTAsia
  • Profesores: Anny Guo
  • Certificado: No

Explore why sustainability in fashion begins with fur-free

As the fashion industry’s future leaders and decision-makers, students in the fashion industry today have the potential to steer the industry to a fur-free and sustainable future.

On this course, you’ll examine fashion sustainability through the lens of the fur industry.

As you learn about how the fur production process impacts animals, humans, and the environment, you’ll have the chance to reflect on what you want your future in fashion to look like.

Uncover the environmental impact of the fashion industry

You’ll start the course by developing your knowledge of how the fashion industry impacts air, water, land, and waste pollution.

Using fur farming as a focus topic, you’ll develop your understanding of the fur production process, learning how the fur trade impacts everyone from the farmers themselves to animal welfare.

Discover the impact of the fur trade on humans and animals too

Not only will you learn about the sustainability issues relating to fur, you’ll also discover design philosophies and business strategies for building fashion businesses that are more compassionate to animals and kinder to humans.

You’ll examine the business manifestos of a variety of fashion designers, brands, and businesses and have the chance to use these to create a fashion business manifesto and career plan of your own.

Gain a fur-free perspective on fashion with ACTAsia and John Lau, Associate Dean at London College of Fashion.

ACTAsia has worked on the fur issue in China and globally for over a decade. John Lau, Associate Dean at London College of Fashion has developed the curriculum for this course, and supports ACTAsia as an advisor.

You’ll learn how to identify and change the practices within the industry that damage and exploit the environment, people, and animals.

This course is designed for anyone who cares about sustainable fashion and fur-free fashion.

It will be particularly applicable to the study of higher education fashion students studying in either the design, communications or business fields.

The course will also be relevant to those working in the fashion industry, especially at a brand where fur design and use remains.

The course will be offered in English with Chinese transcripts and some of your fellow Learners may leave comments in Chinese as well as English.

You will need a computer and reliable internet connection.