Comparative Health Systems

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  • Foundations of Comparative Health Systems
    • This module will define the goals of comparative analysis of health systems, define the concept of universal health coverage, and introduce the World Health Organization Building Blocks Framework as the methodology for that analysis.
  • The United States - A High-Income Country Without Universal Healthcare
    • This module explores the peculiarities of the U.S. healthcare system by examining the system through the lens of the WHO Building Blocks Framework.
  • Germany and England - Self-Governing Systems of Healthcare
    • This module examines the health systems of Germany and England - two high-income countries that have committed to systems of universal health coverage but in different ways.
  • Brazil and China - Middle-Income Countries Moving Towards Universal Health Coverage
    • In the final module of the course, we examine two large middle-income countries and the challenges they face while moving towards systems of universal health coverage.