Community Awareness: What is a Socially Just University

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  • Introduction to CAC: What is a Socially Just University
    • What is a socially-just university? is a question arising at a time when American society is changing, and challenging many institutions to reconsider some of their most fundamental purposes and practices.
  • Higher Education and American Society
    • American society is changing and, in so doing, challenging higher education to adapt to these changes. As society increases in its people of African, Asian, and Latin American descent, and people of color become the majority, for example, unanswered questions are arising about what universities are for, and who are they for?
  • Reconceiving Our Purpose
    • What is, or should be, the purpose of higher education?
  • Reconceiving Learning and Teaching
    • Learning and teaching are central to the core educational mission of universities, but what happens to these activities when the institutions are changing in their population?
  • Reconceiving Research & Scholarship
    • Research and scholarship produce “knowledge for society,” but knowledge development has various approaches.
  • Institutional Change: Engaging Faculty
    • Faculty members are central to higher education, and nothing lasting happens without them. But, what are some ways to engage faculty members, especially at a time when universities are changing in their composition?
  • Institutional Change: The Role of Administration
    • The University of Michigan is involved in a comprehensive effort to transform the institution for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and this effort requires institutional changes at all levels.
  • Final Notes
    • This module will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned throughout this experience and to contemplate what pieces of the conversation are missing.