Communication Technologies in Education

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Week - 1
Basics of Communication, Models of Communication, Media of Communication
Week - 2
Communication Process,Barriers of Communication,Approaches to Effective Communication
Week - 3
Development and Significance of Communication Skills,reading,Speaking and Listening Skills
Week - 4
Technological Foundations of Education,Concept of ICT
Week - 5
Participatory Communication Methods,Technological trends in Communication,Social Networking Sites
Week - 6
Internet and Internet Tools,Networking System,Data Communication and Networking
Week - 7
Role of Technology in Education,Legal and Ethical Issues in using ICT
Week - 8
Psychological Principles of Using ICT in Education,Constructivist Approach to ICT in Education
Week - 9
Application of Technology in Non Formal Setting,ICT for Rural Development
Week - 10
Concept of e-Learning,Online Learning,Offline Learning and Blended Learning
Week - 11
LMS,Moodle:Features and Applications
Week - 12
Current Trends in e-learning,Mobile Learning
Week - 13
Week - 14
Computer Aided Learnig,Artificial Intelligent Tutoring System,Spoken Tutorial
Week - 15
Role of NCERT and CIET in Development of Educational Technology