Communication Technologies in Education

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Given the tremendous response over the years when this course was launched in November 2017,August 2018 and January 2019 and 2020 with more than 14,000 learners, we are going to rerun this course in July 2020 during the time of Covid-19 pandemic.
This course on COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION has been designed as per the Model Curriculum Framework of UGC for learning at UG/PG Level. However B.Ed. /M.Ed. /M.A. Education students and teachers are also encouraged to enroll for the course.
The entire course shall be delivered in 15 weeks. It will have e-texts, self-learning video of at least 20 minutes duration in each module, self-assessment questions and list of texts with web references for further reading.
In the 8th week there will be Assignments consisting of 30 MCQs and at the end of the course a Proctored exam of 100 MCQs which will be converted to 70. A team of PI, Content writers and Teacher Assistants will always be there with you to support for any problem that you may face during your course of study.
You can post your queries on DISCUSSION FORUM or through e-mail. You may also provide feedback which will help us in revising the course from time to time and enhance the quality.
Wishing you all the best and a fruitful learning experience through SWAYAM!



Week - 1
Basics of Communication, Models of Communication, Media of Communication
Week - 2
Communication Process,Barriers of Communication,Approaches to Effective Communication
Week - 3
Development and Significance of Communication Skills,reading,Speaking and Listening Skills
Week - 4
Technological Foundations of Education,Concept of ICT
Week - 5
Participatory Communication Methods,Technological trends in Communication,Social Networking Sites
Week - 6
Internet and Internet Tools,Networking System,Data Communication and Networking
Week - 7
Role of Technology in Education,Legal and Ethical Issues in using ICT
Week - 8
Psychological Principles of Using ICT in Education,Constructivist Approach to ICT in Education
Week - 9
Application of Technology in Non Formal Setting,ICT for Rural Development
Week - 10
Concept of e-Learning,Online Learning,Offline Learning and Blended Learning
Week - 11
LMS,Moodle:Features and Applications
Week - 12
Current Trends in e-learning,Mobile Learning
Week - 13
Week - 14
Computer Aided Learnig,Artificial Intelligent Tutoring System,Spoken Tutorial
Week - 15
Role of NCERT and CIET in Development of Educational Technology