Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

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  • Introduction to Virtual Teams and Virtual Communication
    • This module is intended to create a foundation for the course by challenging your ideas of not just what virtual communication means, but also communication as a whole. This module will also introduce the foundational ideas of the whole course.
  • Virtual Meetings: Boring to Awesome
    • In this module we cover meetings both in person and virtually. We will discuss how to make meetings dramatically more efficient and effective. We will also introduce strategies to make the meetings more interactive and to keep an audiences attention especially when they are looking at a screen.
  • Influence, Power and Questioning Strategies in Virtual Collaboration
    • In this module we move from presenting to convincing and persuading. These ideas can be applied to to presentations and also one-on-one communication both in-person and virtually. We will cover how recognize peoples communication styles and motivations and how strategically communicate in a way that will resonate with them.
  • Speaking and Presenting in a virtual context
    • This module focuses on presenting and public speaking. Each lesson will cover a communication strategy for in-person presenting and then show you how to use that same strategy in a virtual presentation.