Communication as a Technical Leader

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  • The Importance of Effective Communication in Today's Business Environment
    • This module is an overview of engineering communication and a primer for the topics that will be discussed in this course. As you begin, it is important to remember that communication is the "vehicle" for all human endeavors. That is especially true for technical communication. A exceptional technical communicator is, by default, a better manager and leader. And, in the end, that is where we're headed!
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills: Listening, Counseling, and Others
    • Listening, speaking, writing: all are means of not only transmitting information but also direction and motivation. As with most skills, the challenge is in the details. And, that is where this module will take us!
  • Communicating To Build Trust In an Organization
    • I would offer that trust between you and your technical team may be gained through the way that you communicate; that is, through calm presentation of ideas with a tone of voice and manner of speaking that inspires in others nothing but an intense desire to excel!
  • Providing and Receiving Feedback
    • Giving and receiving feedback is perceived by many as one of the most challenging aspects of management and leadership. It doesn't have to be that way. Let's explore why this task can be an enjoyable opportunity!