Communication and Leadership during a Public Health Crisis

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  • The Importance of Being a Leader in Public Health
    • This module will focus on why it's important to build leadership skills in public health. As the world changes dramatically around us. Leadership skills are needed to help keep the population healthy.
  • Foundations of Communication in Public Health
    • Communication is key to help everyone on a team ensure they understand what is needed and strategies to achieve the final goal. As public health professionals, communication could mean the difference between promoting population health and hindering it. This module will cover important skills related to communication during a crisis.
  • Working in Interprofessional Teams During a Crisis
    • Working with an interprofessional team is needed during a crisis. Everyone on a team plays a different but unique role depending on the type of crisis that is occurring. This module will discuss strategies to work in interprofessional teams.
  • Models and Methods of Conflict Resolution
    • In working with teams or being a leader in public health, conflict may arise. It's important to be prepared to work with people and defuse the situation, especially during a public health crisis. This module will discuss strategies of conflict resolution and ways to work with others to achieve a common goal.