Communicating Trustworthy Information in the Digital World

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  • Module 0
    • A welcome and introduction to the course. This module briefly explains the significance and relevance of the course content. It outlines various topics that will be discussed in the different modules and defines important concepts that will be explored throughout the modules.
  • Module 1: The Digital Communication Ecosystem
    • Exploring the effects of the digital ecosystem on science communication and the implications on social trust.

  • Module 2: The (Social) Scientist
    • Unpacking challenges (social) scientists face when developing and disseminating knowledge in the age of misinformation.
  • Module 3: The Journalist
    • How do journalists combat the threat of “fake news “and ensure responsible and reliable reporting in the digital ecosystem?
  • Module 4: The Policy Maker
    • How policy makers make decisions in light of competing opinions on scientific issues and the role of science communication in the policy making process.
  • Module 5: The Misinformation Road is Paved with Good Intentions
    • How does the digital ecosystem facilitate the spread of misinformation as well as provide tools to combat misinformation?
  • Module 6: The Citizens
    • Citizens’ perspectives on science communication and strategies to engage citizens with SciCom.
  • Module 7: Conclusion
    • A review of the course content and concluding remarks.