Communicating Data Science Results

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  • Visualization
    • Statistical inferences from large, heterogeneous, and noisy datasets are useless if you can't communicate them to your colleagues, your customers, your management and other stakeholders. Learn the fundamental concepts behind information visualization, an increasingly critical field of research and increasingly important skillset for data scientists. This module is taught by Cecilia Aragon, faculty in the Human Centered Design and Engineering Department.
  • Privacy and Ethics
    • Big Data has become closely linked to issues of privacy and ethics: As the limits on what we *can* do with data continue to evaporate, the question of what we *should* do with data becomes paramount. Motivated in the context of case studies, you will learn the core principles of codes of conduct for data science and statistical analysis. You will learn the limits of current theory on protecting privacy while still permitting useful statistical analysis.
  • Reproducibility and Cloud Computing
    • Science is facing a credibility crisis due to unreliable reproducibility, and as research becomes increasingly computational, the problem seems to be paradoxically getting worse. But reproducibility is not just for academics: Data scientists who cannot share, explain, and defend their methods for others to build on are dangerous. In this module, you will explore the importance of reproducible research and how cloud computing is offering new mechanisms for sharing code, data, environments, and even costs that are critical for practical reproducibility.