Communicate Effectively about Ethical Challenges in Data-Driven Technologies

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Leading a data-driven organization necessitates effective communication to create a culture of ethical practice. Communication to stakeholders will guide an organization's strategy and potentially impact the future of work for that organization or entity. It is not enough to talk about ethical practices, you need to to relate their value to stakeholders. Building out strategies that are inclusive and relatable can build public trust and loyalty, and knowing how to plan for a crisis will reduce the harm to such trust and loyalty.

In this fourth course of the CertNexus Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist (CEET) professional certificate, learners will develop inclusive strategies to communicate business impacts to stakeholders, design communication strategies that mirror ethical principles and policies, and in case of an ethical crisis, be prepared to manage the crisis and the media to reduce business impact.

This course is the fourth of five courses within the Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist (CEET) professional certificate. The preceding courses are titled Promote the Ethical Use of Data-Driven Technologies, Turn Ethical Frameworks into Actionable Steps, and Detect and Mitigate Ethical Risks.