Communicate Effectively about Ethical Challenges in Data-Driven Technologies

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  • Communicate the Business Impacts of Ethical Risks to Diverse Stakeholders
    • The first module in this course begins by covering the ethical risks a data-driven organization faces, the impacts those risks have on the business, as well as strategies for communicating these ideas. Effective communication to a diverse array of stakeholders is crucial for maintaining their trust, as well as for fostering a culture of ethical business practices.
  • Design Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive External Communication Strategies
    • Now that you understand the importance of communicating ethical risks and their impacts, you'll be able to start designing more in-depth communication strategies for addressing those issues. These strategies will enable you to promote your ethical principles and activities to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Manage a Crisis, Communicate Critical Messages, and Ensure Business Continuity
    • Ethical crises are inevitable, no matter how diligent you are in your ethical business practices. You need to plan for this eventuality by ensuring you have a robust and effective crisis management process in place. Communication is a critical portion of crisis management, as it ensures that stakeholders are kept informed of the facts and not led astray by misinformation.
  • Manage the Media During an Ethical Crisis
    • You've learned about general principles of crisis management, particularly how to maintain communications with internal stakeholders. But there's another, equally important entity that you need to communicate with during and after a crisis: the media. The media can often be the deciding factor in the continued success of your organization in the event of an ethical crisis.
  • Apply What You’ve Learned
    • You'll work on one or more projects in which you'll apply your knowledge of the material in this course to practical scenarios.