Cognitive Solutions and RPA Analytics

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  • Understanding IQ Bot and Creating an Instance
    • In this module, you will explore the concept of cognitive automation, the six-step process of deploying a cognitive automation, IQ Bot as a cognitive solution, the basics of the IQ Bot portal, and the IQ bot workflow at a high-level. You will also learn to perform the first two steps of the IQ Bot workflow: Instance creation and Document analysis. After this, you will use the IQ Bot portal to create (and edit) a learning instance and trigger document analysis that produces document groups, depending on the input documents’ layout and content.
  • Performing Bot Training, Production Processing, and Document Validation
    • In this module, you will learn to perform the remaining four steps of the IQ Bot workflow: Bot training, in context of fields and tables; Bot training, with focus on check boxes and repeated sections; Production processing; Document validation; and Progress monitoring. You will use the Designer on the IQ Bot portal to perform each of these steps.
  • Generating RPA Analytics
    • In this module, you will explore the concept of analytics and how it is applied within RPA, get introduced to the Bot Insight application, and learn about the different types of analytics. You will also learn how to generate operational analytics on the Web Control Room. You will then explore Bot Insight’s user interface and features and learn how to deploy it using APIs. Next, you will explore the various roles who generate or view business analytics, and learn how to generate them on Bot Insight. You will also explore the CoE Dashboard on Bot Insight and learn how to configure, customize, and publish this dashboard. Finally, you will see how the RPA mobile app can be used to study and edit the default CoE dashboard that is published via Bot Insight.