Cloud Operations on AWS

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  • Week 1
    • Welcome to Week 1! During this week, you will learn the value proposition of doing things programmatically via the AWS Command Line Interface. You will also learn about Infrastructure as Code, and how to integrate the AWS CLI with shell scripting. Getting hands-on, you will be presented with two exercises--one where you'll use AWS CLI filters to extract and parse specific information from a command output, and another exercise where you'll troubleshoot a malfunctioning CloudFormation stack.
  • Week 2
    • Welcome to Week 2! This week starts with exploring some compute topics, where the focus will be around Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2, and containerization in AWS. From there, you'll move into resource management and configuration. Areas like bootstrapping and AMI automation will be covered, in addition to an exercise providing hands-on experience for the latter. Next, you will dive into networking and content delivery, as well as services that can be utilized in building and operating your networks and CDNs. To wrap up this week, you will do another exercise centered around network design.
  • Week 3
    • Welcome to Week 3! This week, you will explore storage and database options on AWS and how they can help your workload and operational tasks--like backup for disaster recovery. Next, you will dive deeper into monitoring and diagnostics and discover how this can help you measure the health of your workloads. Just as in previous weeks, you will get hands-on to apply what you have learned.