Cloud Computing Fundamentals on Alibaba Cloud

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  • Manage and Operate ECS
    • Understand the advantages of a cloud server. Learn how to purchase an ECS on Alibaba Cloud, manage the server on our console, backup critical data and ensure your system can adjust according to your business needs.
  • Manage and Operate RDS
    • This module teaches you about the basic concepts of RDS, the benefits of using it (compared to conventional database solutions) and understand its key features. It also includes demos that further introduce database/account management, security settings, read-only instances, database backups, and third-party tool integration.
  • Manage and Operate OSS
    • This module explains the basic concepts of OSS. It also includes demos such as bucket management, object storage operations, image processing, website hosting and monitoring and introduces the OSS related security features.
  • Handle Large Traffic with Load Balancer
    • Increased traffic, often results in a delayed response from web servers or even a halt in service. Load balancing lies in "sharing." When massive traffic is detected, the traffic is distributed to multiple servers to improve the external service capability of the website and avoid the impact of a single point failure. In this online course, we teach the basics of load balancing, principles and scenarios, and master cloud platform load balancing features and usage.
  • Use Cloud Resources Flexibly According to your Business Requirements
    • This module helps students familiarize themselves with the basic functions and characteristics of Alibaba cloud auto-scaling, learn the basic operations and how to use auto-scaling to achieve the flexible architecture design of the platform, and how to automatically adjust the flexible computing resources according to business needs and strategies.
  • Secure Your Data on Alibaba Cloud
    • In this module, you will understand where data should be secured on Alibaba Cloud, such as storage technology, backup, recovery solutions, how to transmit data securely, which encryption algorithm to choose, and so on. You will also master the core skills of data security protection on Alibaba Cloud platform, including how to implement automatic remote backup of data, how to implement encrypted storage in a cloud environment, and how to generate SSL certificate.
  • Connect to China with China Gateway
    • This module explains the tools Alibaba Cloud provides to users looking to connect their network or business to China through leased line connections and private networks.
  • Exam Preparation
    • This final module is made to help you to prepare for the Alibaba Cloud ACP Certification Exam which validates and demonstrates your technical expertise in Cloud Computing.