Cloud Computing for Beginners

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Discover the benefits of Cloud computing

Over recent years, the Cloud has completely revolutionised approaches to computing processes.

On this two-week course, you’ll learn how to define the Cloud and develop knowledge of its infrastructure and services. You’ll understand how Cloud services evolved to meet changing user needs and learn a variety of Cloud applications and uses.

Examine the basics of Cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing has five foundational characteristics that set it apart from earlier computing iterations.

You’ll learn about these characteristics in detail, from on-demand self service to resource pooling, and discover how they can help optimise processes in conjunction with current and emerging technologies.

Using relatable examples, you’ll be able to contextualise and frame each characteristic within your own work, identifying areas for development.

Learn the fundamentals of Cloud services and Cloud deployment models

On this course, you’ll learn about Cloud service models (Saas, Iaas, and PaaS), as well as deployment models (hybrid, private, and public Cloud) and understand their different applications.

By doing so, you’ll discover how Cloud computing meets the needs of users at a variety of levels and know when to implement each of these services and models.

Explore Cloud service providers and their uses, from Azure functions to AWS services

From Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services, different organisations are in competition to provide the best Cloud services to its users.

You’ll explore two of the big players in Cloud services and start using both Azure and AWS to improve your Cloud management.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand Cloud computing and its applications for individuals and businesses. With this knowledge, you can begin to develop a career as a cloud practitioner.

This course is designed for those wanting to gain an introductory knowledge of Cloud Computing. No prior knowledge is necessary, so it is perfect for management and leaders wishing to better understand their IT processes, as well as those considering a future career in computer networks.