Climate Resilience and Adaptation for Rural Roads

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Discover how rural roads can become more resilient to changing weather patterns

We already know that climate change is having a significant impact on temperature, rainfall and wind speed.

Planners, designers and managers of rural road infrastructures must keep up-to-date with the nature of these changes. This includes understanding the likelihood of occurrence, as well as the implications on the financing, design, and maintenance of these roads in the future.

On this course, you’ll explore these factors and consider how new and existing infrastructure can be planned, designed, upgraded, maintained and adapted to become more climate-resilient.

This course is for anyone who has a general interest in learning about the impact of climate change on rural infrastructure.

It will be particularly useful for rural road practitioners and researchers in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia, practitioners who manage, design, construct and maintain Low Volume Rural Roads (LVRR), and postgraduate Engineering students studying rural road development in emerging and developing countries.