CIT-002: Introduction to Information Technology

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The basic objective of this course is to make the student aware that we are living in an information age. The course begins with the basics of Information and touches various aspects of Information Systems and information technology. (You may go through the CIT001: Fundamentals of Computer Systems to learn about the technology part viz. computer hardware, software and networking.)

The first block of the course defines the term information and its characteristics, the meaning of ICT and how it resulted in Digital divide and the concept and issues of cyber space and cybercrimes. Block 2 explains the use of Information technology. Three such applications of use of ICT, viz. e-commerce, e-Governance and education have been explained in this block. Block 3 introduces the information systems, their uses, and process of development of information systems. It also explains the definition and purpose of Management Information System (MIS). Block 4 provides an introduction to some important technologies such as embedded systems, human-computer interaction and computer vision.

Course Credit: 4