Circular Economy – Sustainable Materials Management

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  • Introduction - Materials
    • This module explores sourcing of materials from extraction to refining processes as well as the complexity of material supply. It builds a rationale for why we need to transform to a Circular Economy.
  • Circular Business Models
    • In this module circular business models are explored in-depth and a range of ways for business to create economic and social value are discussed
  • Circular Design, Innovation and Assessment
    • This module presents topics like functional materials and eco-design as well as methods to assess environmental impacts.
  • Policies and Networks
    • This module explores the role of governments and networks and how policies and sharing best practices can enable the circular economy.
  • Circular Societies
    • This module examines new norms, forms of engagement, social systems, and institutions, needed by the circular economy and how we, as individuals, can help society become more circular.