Chinese Culture: Interaction

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China and the West

  • Introduction
  • Commerce and trade: The Silk Road
  • Religion: Matteo Ricci and Xi Xue Dong Jian
  • Art: Export paintings
  • Colonial experience and Hong Kong
  • Sports: China in the Olympics and the Ping-Pong Politics

China and Central Asia

  • Introduction
  • Geographical setting of Central Asia
  • Central Asia in Han-Tang China
  • Subsequent Islamization and Pax Mongolica
  • Central Asia of contemporary significance
  • An interview with Kazakhstan students

China and Vietnam

  • Introduction
  • Cultural interactions between China and other regions
  • Cultural interactions between China and Vietnam
  • Conditions for Sino-Vietnamese cultural interactions
  • Consequences of Sino-Vietnamese cultural interactions
  • Agents of Sino-Vietnamese cultural interactions

Colonialism, Anti-Colonialism and Pan-Asianism

  • Introduction
  • The crumbling empire of the Qing dynasty
  • Anti-Colonialism in China
  • Sun Yat-sen
  • From Lenin to Chiang Kai-shek
  • Pan-Asianism
  • Modern China and One Belt One Road

Chinese Food and Cuisine

  • Introduction
  • Hunting, farming and stir-frying
  • Rituals, ghosts and foods
  • Alcohol
  • Correlative cosmology and medicinal foods
  • Tea
  • Sichuan and Lu cuisine
  • Chinese immigrants and American-style Chinese foods