China’s Unique Hybrid Economy – A Deep Dive

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China’s economy is a unique amalgam of top-down planning and capitalism red in tooth and claw. A state-controlled system that is different to any market economy. This course will help you understand the complexities of China’s distinct development model and the impact it has on global markets.

For financial professionals, policymakers and business professionals around the world, a sound grasp of the changes reshaping the Chinese economy and its markets is key to understanding both the investment opportunities and the risks that the country presents.

Unbiased analysis, real-life examples and practical guidance will equip you with the analytical frameworks and tools to apply to your investment decisions, risk assessments or policymaking. You will learn directly from Enodo Economics’ team of experts, who together have over 250 years of experience focused on China’s economy, its politics and markets and its culture.

We make use of specially shot online teaching videos that are produced to a high professional standard. The material, carefully tailored to the content of each course, includes interviews with relevant figures whose personal stories bring to life the concepts being taught. Imaginative visual aids and animation are designed to enhance the learning experience – and make it fun.