Chemical Process Utilities

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Week 1:Utilities in process industries, primary & secondary and their importance.Week 2:Heat Transfer Media : Classification, characteristic properties, selection criteria for their industrial applicationsWeek 3:Water : Raw water and its characteristics treatment and conditions for use in process industries, e.g. for boiler feed, cooling etc., recyling and reuse of waterWeek 4:Water treatment and water resource managementWeek 5:Steam Generation & Utilization : Steam generation, modern boilers, steam handling, condensate removal.Week 6:Steam traps-classification and characteristics, condensate utilization and flash steam, Efficient steam heating systems, Safety in boiler systems.Week 7:Air : Use of air in process in industries for conveying, drying and instrumentation; design of air receivers. Week 8:Piping Network : Design of pipelines and piping networks for water, steam, condensate and airWeek 9:Properties of air water vapors: Cooling towersWeek 10:Pressure and Vacuum systemsWeek 11:Refrigeration systemsWeek 12:Refractories and insulation