Chemical Process Intensification

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Week 1: Introduction on Process Intensification:
History, Philosophy and Concept,Principle Features,Strategies and domain based techniquesWeek 2: Mechanism involved in the process intensification
Intensification by fluid flow process,Mechanism of Intensification by mixing,Intensification in Reactive systemWeek 3: Role of Process intensification in sustainable development
Problems leading to sustainable development,Concept, Issues and Challenges,Strategies in process designWeek 4: Design Techniques for Process Intensifications
Scales and stages of process intensification,Methods and Tools for Achieving sustainable design,Multi-level Computer aided tools
Week 5: Stochastic Optimization for Process Intensification
Introduction on Stochastic Optimization,Optimization Algorithms,Applications of Optimization Algorithms
Week 6: Process intensification by cavitation Introduction and Mechanism of Cavitation-based PI,Cavitational Reactor Configurations and activity,Parametric effects on cavitation
Week 7: Process Intensification by monolith reactor Introduction of monolith reactor,Preparation of monolithic catalyst,Application of monolithic catalyst,Hydrodynamics, transport of monolithic reactor
Week 8: Interfacial area based PI
Overview of interfacial area based processes,Ejector induced downflow system for PI,Hydrodynamics and transport in downflow system,
Week 9: Process intensification in distillation
Introduction and Principles,Types of Intensified Distillation Units,Design of membrane-assisted distillation
Week 10:Process intensification in extraction
Introduction and Principles,Supercritical extraction for process intensification,
Week 11: Process intensification by membrane
Introduction to membrane and its principles,Membrane engineering in process intensification
Week 12: Micro Process Technology in process intensification
Introduction to microprocess technology,Process Intensification by Microreactors,Hydrodynamics and transport in microchannel based microreactor