Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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This course covers the foundation of classical thermodynamics in the form of postulates, and later their applications to open and close systems, criteria of stability and equilibria, the equation of states, properties of pure fluids and mixtures, theories and model of phase equilibrium, and chemical reaction equilibrium. The major focus in the first half of the course would be to build a strong foundation in the subject. The second part of the course will emphasis the application of the thermodynamics on chemical engineering problems related to phase equilibria.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Engineering Students/FacultyPREREQUISITES : Engineering ThermodynamicsINDUSTRY SUPPORT : All chemical engineering-based industries, Bechtel, UOP, EIL, Reliance, Indian Oil, ONGC, Unilever



Week 1: The postulates of thermodynamics, Condition of EquilibriumWeek 2: The maximum Work Theorem, Carnot Cycle and other cycles
Week 3: Generalized Thermodynamic Potential, Maxwell relation, Stability of Thermodynamic systems
Week 4: Properties of pure fluids
Week 5: Intermolecular forces, Equation of States
Week 6: Properties of mixtures-I
Week 7: Properties of mixtures-II
Week 8: Vapor-liquid equilibrium
Week 9: Theories and models of VLE of mixtures-IWeek 10: Theories and models of VLE of mixtures-II
Week 11: LLE and SLE
Week 12: Chemical Reaction Equilibria