Character Setup and Animation

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  • Setting Up a Character Controller
    • Welcome to the course. In this first section, you’ll be introduced to the Challenge/Solution format of this course, then start work implementing complex character models into a 3D adventure game Unity project.
  • Creating the Player Animator Controller
    • Next, you'll create an Animator Controller for the game's swashbuckling main character, Ellen, and set up the appropriate animation states to get her moving in the game environment.
  • Creating the Player Camera
    • In this section you will use Unity's Cinemachine tool to create a camera system that will automatically follow the main character and can be rotated with a mouse controller.
  • Working with Collaborate
    • Now that you have your project working correctly, it's a good time to share it with your teammates so that you can work on it together, seamlessly. In this section, you will upload your project to Unity's Collaborate version control service.
  • Course Final Project
    • For the final project in this course, you will import and configure the animations for the “Chomper” enemy, and share you work with your peers.