Championing Change: Human Rights and the Climate Crisis

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Find solutions that address both global warming and human rights violations

Rising sea levels. Floods. Droughts. Extreme weather. We know the effects of climate change but their associated human rights violations are not as well understood.

This three-week course, convened by Amnesty International UK, will explain the complex relationship between climate change and human rights. The way they influence each other, and how improving one issue can improve the other. Ultimately, you’ll see how being a human rights activist can help you combat climate change, and vice versa.

Learn why climate change is a human rights issue

Global warming violates key human rights, yet human rights can be used as an effective tool to counteract the effects and continued growth of global warming. You’ll have the opportunity to unpack this complicated statement in detail during this course.

By identifying the instances and inequalities of climate change across different regions and demographics, you’ll get a clear idea of how they impact the rights of people living in these situations.

Understand the importance of being both an environmental and human rights activist

You’ll also get to explore what you can do to combat the violation of both human rights and the environment, taking advantage of the active learning materials.

By connecting with like-minded participants around the world, you’ll become part of a vital global community that is dedicated to effectively dealing with these issues.

Find climate change solutions with Amnesty International UK

The United Kingdom branch of Amnesty International is made up of individuals dedicated to defeating injustice. With their collective expertise, they have created a high-calibre course that will show you how to both combat climate change and campaign for human rights.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to explore the relationship between climate change and human rights. No expertise is needed; the only requirement is a desire to understand and improve these serious global concerns.