Ceramics and Composites

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  • Ceramics and Composites
    • This course will introduce the major types of ceramics and their applications. We will learn about the different methods used for glass strengthening; the factors that determine a ceramic’s crystal structure; the key characteristics of composite materials; and the different structures of fiber-reinforced composite materials. We will discuss reasons for creating various types of composites.
  • Module 1: Glassy Ceramics
    • In this module, we learn about glassy ceramics, ceramic structures and different methods of processing ceramics.
  • Module 2: Ceramic Network Modifiers
    • In this module, we explore ceramic network modifiers and see how the modifiers affect structure and properties. We also investigate the effects of flaws on the strength of ceramics.
  • Module 3: Types of Crystalline Ceramics
    • In this module, we will explore crystalline ceramics, ceramic structure, and the processing and application of different kinds of ceramics.
  • Module 4: Core Concepts of Composite Materials
    • In this lesson, we will identify various kinds of composites, and learn about their properties, technological applications, and how they're processed.