Cell Biology: Cellular organization, division and processes

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This course focuses on cell organization, and the molecules and intracellular processes crucial for life and inheritance. A particular emphasis is on DNA transactions such as chromosome organization, replication, chromosome segregation, etc. Some examples of key discoveries in the field of cell cycle regulation, chromatin organization, and the dynamic processes and molecular machines involved in cell division will be discussed in detail. Other topics include Nuclear organization, Mitosis and Meiosis and cell death. In addition, cellular diversity will be discussed including selected specialized eukaryotic cells and their functions, cancer cells-how controls go wrong, and stem cells.
This course includes 2 modules of 10 lectures each. It is intended for graduate students mainly M.Sc. students (or 1st year Ph.D. students). Final year B.Sc. students may also find it useful.
Biology, Chemistry.PREREQUISITES : Basic Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry. Especially basic structure and function of biomolecules including enzymes.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :None