Causes of Racial Inequity in Healthcare

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  • Financing of Healthcare
    • This week, we will learn about how financing in the U.S. healthcare system works, how public health insurance systems are administered, and how these systems contribute to racial health inequities. We will examine this through insurance systems and hospitals. The many different insurance systems, hospital systems, and how they connect financially is actually a complex web.
  • Issues of Access to Care and Healthcare Disparities
    • This week, we will learn about what access to care actually means. To fully address healthcare access, there must be an effort to improve different areas to access. We will also examine the role of geography and place as it relates to racial inequities in healthcare.
  • Mistreatment of Racial/Ethnic Groups
    • This week, we will learn about the long history of mistreatment of racial/ethnic groups in healthcare settings and in advancing biomedical innovation and understand why mistreatment is a cause of racial inequity in healthcare vs. the concept of mistrust.
  • The Role of Race in the Practice of Medicine
    • Race and racism show up in many aspects of healthcare and the practice of medicine. This week, we will examine modern day racism and discrimination and how this shows up in healthcare. We will also examine the sources of where racial equity begins to show up in medicine through mechanisms of diagnosis and treatment patterns.
  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare Treatment
    • Prejudice and discrimination are not only conscious, but also show up in society and healthcare through unconscious means. This week, we will take a deep dive into implicit bias, and how it impacts the practice of medicine.