Cathodic Protection Engineering

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Course on Introduction to Corrosion Science and Engineering is offered by several academic institutions, including IITs, NITs, colleges affiliated to various universities. But a specialized course on “Cathodic Protection Engineering” is not being offered by any of these institutions excepting IIT Bombay. The course is important as cathodic protection is one of the most important means of controlling corrosion of buried metallic structures and India is embarking on building large pipeline network. Notably, this course will be valuable to personnel with mechanical, civil, electrical engineering back ground are involved in design, commissioning and maintenance of pipelines who do not have any formal training in cathodic protection. This course was developed by the instructor and is being taught to M. Tech corrosion science and engineering. The instructor has been offering this course to PG students over the last 15 years This could well be useful for the industry personnel.
Primarily for PG, but UG can also register for course. Industry professional will benefit. Because cathodic protection is a multidisciplinary subject, engineers across the discipline might be interested to learn.PREREQUISITES : A course on introduction to corrosion is desirable but not mandatoryINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All industries employing buried pipelines and tanks and majorly Oil and Gas Industries