Career Coaching for Women: Supercharge Your Career with AllBright

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Find and follow a career path that inspires you as a woman in business

This four-week course will equip you with the skills and tools you need to plan your career trajectory and take the next steps towards your career goals.

Become your own career coach

This course is designed for women who’d like to reflect on their current career and push forward with renewed vigour or pivot in a new career direction that’s more in line with their true calling.

You’ll explore what drives you to do your best work and how this could be reflected in your choice of career.

After undertaking an analysis of your core values, you’ll do an honest assessment of your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

Assess your career motivation and career goals

You’ll explore whether you’re currently utilising your strengths and effectively managing your weaknesses and establish how to make them work for you.

Once you’ve identified your strengths and areas for improvement as well as your motivation for work, you’ll build the tools and skills to unlock your potential and commit to a desired career direction.

Make a career development plan

Armed with your personal self-assessment, you’ll learn how to set career goals that are aligned with your motivations and value system.

You’ll consider how to hold yourself accountable to these goals and discover techniques for overcoming any challenges that come between you and your career development plans.

Learn with experts experienced in female career progression at AllBright

AllBright is a network and community that connects smart-thinking women through members’ clubs in London and LA.

This course is led by experts at AllBright’s digital training platform, AllBright Academy, designed to upskill and educate women looking for the practical tools and inspiration to further their career.

This course is for professional women of all ages who want to focus on their personal development goals and create a ripple effect that will have a positive impact on their career, wellbeing, and relationships.