CAPSTONE: Your Leadership Challenge

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  • CAPSTONE: Introduction to the Capstone - Holistic Perception
    • In this module, we will go through the 5 key steps of the Relational Circuit and see how each of them applies to your Personal challenge. We will describe specifically what personal is And by the end of this module you will have shared your perception of what the challenge entails, how YOU, and only YOU see it so you can narrow the scope of your challenge on the basis of your perspective.
  • CAPSTONE: Disjunctive Analysis
    • At the end of this module, you will understand the importance of gathering relevant data and how to avoid judgment so to keep the data intact for future exploitation.
  • CAPSTONE: Relational Assimilation
    • In this module, we will explore the process of connecting the dots that leads to sense making. We will see how management innovation research can help guide and structure this sense making process. We will see how the use of narrative can also help to develop a clear understanding of the situation, so it makes complete sense.
  • CAPSTONE: Decentering
    • With this module, we will explore how possible solutions emerge. You will prepare for the emergence of new solutions by using the "what if" approach and validate these new solutions through the use of a narrative in the timeframe your decide for your challenge. Your video will also be a chance for you to prove your leadership skills through the quality of your communication, your posture, your presence and your persuasive arguments and recommendations.
  • CAPSTONE: Building Sense - part 1
    • This is the first part of the last step toward completing your capstone. You will resolve your challenge by building sense and creating value. In this part, you will answer few questions about your ideas to resolve your Capstone challenge.

      In the second part (in next module), you will pull everything together in the form of a 5 minutes video.
  • CAPSTONE: Building Sense - part 2 (video pitch)
    • This is your last step toward completing your capstone where you will pull everything together in the form of a video presenting your ideas and sharing how by resolving your challenge you are building sense and creating value.