Capstone Value Creation through Innovation

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  • Framing your capstone
    • The capstone project Value Creation Through Innovation builds upon the courses The Impact of Technology, Innovation Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs. Now you will demonstrate how you master and synthesize previously gained learnings. Firstly, you should pick a system to study. It should consist of (1) a market or industry together with (2) an emerging technology that you think will have a major impact on this system. Secondly, you will perform a backcasting.
  • Your future business landscape
    • You have now picked a system and technology, and made your first analysis. Hopefully, it provided some answers. How may the system and its actor develop? What opportunities emerged during the analysis? Now it is time to take the next step in the analysis.
  • Designing your product and business model
    • After your backcasting and value network estimation, you should have an extensive view of how the future business landscape may evolve. In addition, you have generated material regarding potential issues, needs, and opportunities. Now, will use this as the basis for a more detailed analysis and the description of a targeted opportunity. The assignment of this week is to apply the four step design thinking methodology on your case, ending up with one idea for a product or service.
  • How to reach your desired end state
    • So far, you have drawn a detailed map and decided what destinations to aim for. Now it is time to focus on how to get there, working with the strategy, the marketing and how to create value for the end users or customers.
  • Iterating towards success
    • you will focus on selling your idea or product as such including some additional information about for instance, finance and yourself etc
  • Keep on iterating towards success
  • Once more: keep on iterating towards success
  • How to convince and sell your ideas