Capstone Project: Teaching Impacts of Technology

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  • Exploring the Impacts of Computing
    • Welcome to the capstone project! Are you ready to put your learning to the test? We'll learn about why you should care about the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course and review teacher guidance for the Explore Task students are asked to do to evaluate impacts of computing on our society, economy and culture.
  • Evaluating Student Work
    • Being a teacher, I'm sure I don't have to convince you -- there's no better way to prepare to excel on an assessment than grading the work of others! This week you'll apply the Explore Task Grading Checklist to real high school student work and share and learn from others about the kind of feedback you would provide these students!
  • Computational Artifact & Feedback
    • This week you have time to work on your own Explore Task that you will submit as the capstone project. Remember, if you want to get UC, San Diego transcript credit you need to enroll in a UC, San Diego Extension course before you do your project! This week you will create and share your computational artifact. Next week, we'll finish the project!
  • Final Project
    • This is it! Time to finish your project and show off your knowledge! Don't forget, if you need or want to get UC, San Diego transcript credit, you need to sign up on UC, San Diego Extension NOW -- before you do the work for this week!
  • Review and Reflect
    • Now that you've finished your project, be sure to review the work of 3 of your peers to earn your points for your Peer Review!