Capstone Project: Predicting Safety Stock

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  • Exploratory Data Analysis Using Pandas and Groupby
    • In this module, we'll get acquainted with our dataset by exploring some of the most obvious groupings and identifying the variation in products. We'll discover which products sell where and prepare ourselves to use timeseries forecasts and safety stock predictions.
  • Demand Predictions Using SARIMA
    • In this module, we'll use the SARIMA model to make predictions on future sales. We'll then visualize some of these predicted sales before evaluating the accuracy and viability of our chosen model.
  • Calculating Safety Stock
    • In this module, we'll finish the project by calculating safety stock from monthly usage and lead times. We'll start by grouping products in order to find more accurate usage numbers. Then, we'll conclude by using the known formula along with our insights from the data in the calculation of safety stock for each product.