Capstone Project: Business Technology Management

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  • Culminating Project - Indus Consumer Products Limited: Company Overview
    • The Culminating Project places you in the shoes of a CIO of a hypothetical FMCG firm, Indus Consumer Products Limited, who is required to select a portfolio of IT investments for the decision year that is aligned with the business strategy and objectives of the firm. Different business units in the company have proposed different applications to implement. Your job as CIO will be to analyze the business case for each of the projects and identify those that best serve the long-term business strategy and objectives of the firm. Your choice of IT investments is constrained by the IT budget for the given financial year. Please go through all case artifacts provided to you, including (a) Letter from the CEO, (b) the Company Report, (c) the IT Assessment Report, and (d) Proposals for the three new IT initiatives under consideration in the current financial year. These artifacts will inform your decision in each module.
  • Operating Model Design
    • In this module, you will learn to evaluate a firm's current and ideal operating model as it aligns with its business goals.
  • Financial Valuation of New IT Investments at ICPL
    • In this module, you will apply your learning on financial valuation of IT projects and understand the limitations of such valuation.
  • Integrated IT Project Management Plan
    • In this module, you will learn to develop an integrated 2-year project plan for the roll out of the IT roadmap. In the process, you will develop an appreciation of the need for prioritization of applications based on their business criticality, dependencies across various applications, risks, challenges and thereby decisions on resource allocations for project implementation.
  • Change Management & Communications Plan
    • In this module, you will be able to identify all the major components of the change management and communications plan required for the roll out of the IT road-map. In the process, you will also develop a detailed analysis of the impacts of change on various stakeholders (internal and external) of the firm.