Capstone: Build a Winning Investment Portfolio

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  • Fecha Incio:17/10/2022
  • Universidad: Rice University
  • Profesores: Arzu Ozoguz
  • Certificado: Si
  • Developing Asset Allocation Strategies
    • In Module 1, Capstone learners will research, develop and implement an asset allocation strategy for a $1 million simulated policy portfolio using a provided list of ETF assets covering US and global equities, fixed income, real estate, and commodities.
  • Developing a Macro View / Tactical Portfolio Shifts
    • In this module, we will analyze and develop a view on macroeconomic trends that impact investment portfolios, will forecast near-term returns on simulated portfolio asset classes, and will make any needed tactical shifts to the policy portfolios.
  • Behavioral Finance
    • This module, learners will advise case study clients on changes needed in their portfolios and investment behavior which demonstrate behavioral finance biases or puzzles and will also reflect on their own personal biases (either experienced or expected).
  • Styles of Investing
    • Learners will advise case study clients on styles of investing, becoming familiar with the use of Fama-French and Carhart factor model.
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Learners will evaluate returns and risk on their simulated portfolios and will calculate and evaluate returns and alternative measures of risk to advice case study clients on portfolio selection.
  • Sim Portfolio Evaluation (Peer Graded)
    • Learners will give and receive feedback through peer grading of the Sim Portfolio Final Report, which covers all 5 modules of the Sim Portfolio activities.