C Programming: Modular Programming and Memory Management – 3

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  • Welcome
    • Let's start coding. You will get familiar with the leaning tools our team has developed to make learning code easier.
  • Week 1: Functions and recursion
    • This week, you will to decompose a more complex program into various functions. To do this, you will learn to create functions, write function calls and prototypes, call on functions, and have functions return specific values.
  • Week 2: Memory and the scope of variables
    • This week you will know more of the Von Neumann architecture model. You will recall how computer memory is organized and addressed, use the sizeof() functions with variables of different types, recognize overflow and roundoff errors, and identify the scope of a variable.
  • Week 3: Pointers
    • This week, you will visualize, describe, and utilize points using simple pointer arithmetic. You will be able to create functions to which arrays can be passed and that can modify arrays.
  • Concluding the course