C Programming: Language Foundations – 2

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  • Welcome
    • Let's start coding! Let's get ready to code and learn how to use the cutting edge tools that we have developed to facilitate your learning.
  • Week 1: Logic conditions and if-else statements
    • This week, you will utilize logical conditions (i.e. if-statements, if-else statements) and combine/negate several logical conditions using logic operations AND, OR, and NOT.
  • Week 2: Arrays, for and while loops
    • This week you will create, and utilize arrays of integers and floating point numbers. You will also be able to explain the syntax of a FOR and WHILE loop and create programs using them as nest branch statements.
  • Week 3: Strings, sort and search algorithms
    • This week, you will create arrays of characters (strings), use the null terminator, and manipulate strings to find their lengths. You will also be able to sort through arrays: alphabetizing strings, ordering numbers, finding specific numbers, etc.
  • Concluding the course