C Programming: Getting Started – 1

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  • Week 1: Welcome and the History of C
    • This week you will write your first line of code and become familiar with our learning tools (without installing anything!).
  • Week 2: Printing, loops, and comments
    • This week you will to print text to the screen, utilize for-loops, explain their code by adding comments in various ways, and recognize the different sections of a simple C-program and their purposes (e.g. variable declaration, main function).
  • Week 3: Integers, variables and user input
    • This week, you will explore the concept of variables and use integer-type variables (of format specifier %d) through declarations, assignments, and reassignments. You will also utilize these integer-type variables in for-loops and with user input.
  • Week 4: Characters and doubles
    • This week you will utilize variables of type integer, double, and character through declarations, assignments, reassignments, printing, converting between types, casting, etc.. You will also create C-programs that perform tasks involving user input, integer and floating point arithmetic operations, and output to the screen.
  • Concluding the course