C Programming and Assembly Language

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WEEK 1: Introduction to Microprocessors and Assembly language Programming Microprocessor Architecture Machine Language Execution sequence in a MuP Memory in a microprocessor Instruction Set ADDRESSING SCHEMES MOV ARITHMETIC AND LOGICAL INSTRUCTIONS FLAG REGISTER STACK INSTRUCTIONS CALL and RET HARDWARE LOOPS WEEK 2: Introduction to C and Inline Assembly Data types and their sizes Simple examples of Inline assembly ALU operations String length Multiplication using repeated addition Swap two variables in C Swap two variables in inline Assembly Function to swap two variable in C Inline code to swap the two variables using a function WEEK3: Compiling C to Assembly Language Compiling a simple program to Assembly – first order Passing parameters Prologue Epilogue Local variables WEEK4: C++ and Some special Functions C and C++ at assembly language level Recursion vs Loops with factorial as example Special functions memcpy strlen