C Programming: Advanced Data Types – 5

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  • Welcome
  • Week 1: Structures
    • By the end of Week 1, you will be able to create, initialize, and modify variable of new data type structures, as well as understand how much memory is used for these variables. You will also learn to define, initialize, and modify arrays of structures and then pass these structures to functions by value.
  • Week 2: Structures and pointers
    • By the end of Week 2, you will be able to create/dereference pointers to structures, pass structures to functions (where they can be modified), and dynamically allocate memory to store a variable of data type structure. You will also be able to explain the difference between the direct and the indirect member selection operators.
  • Week 3: Linked lists
    • By the end of Week 3,you will be able to create and initialize a linked list of structures, as well as perform basic operations on them: swapping elements, sorting through by alphabet or numerically, and searching through a linked list for a particular member.
  • Concluding the course