Business Research Methods

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Episode 1

Meaning and Types of Research

Episode 2

Scientific Approach to Research in Physical and Management Sciences

Episode 3

Research and Theory Building

Episode 4

Ethical Issues in Business Research

Part 1: An overview of ethical considerations in research

Week 2

Episode 5

Ethical Issues in Business Research

Part 2: Strategies to avoid unethical practices

Episode 6

Business Research Process

Episode 7

Problem Formulation

Episode 8

Research Proposal Writing

Week 3

Episode 9

Introduction to Research Design

Episode 10

Need, Criteria and Types of Research

Episode 11

Techniques of Research Design

Episode 12

Descriptive Research Design

Week 4

Episode 13

Experimental Research Design –Part 1

Episode 14

Experimental Research Design –Part 2

Episode 15

Methods of collection

Data: Primary Sources And Secondary Sources

Episode 16

Primary Methods of Data Collection- Observation & Interview – Part I

Week 5

Episode 17

Primary Methods of Data Collection-Schedule, Questionnaire, Case Study & Survey Methods– Part II

Episode 18

Qualitative Techniques of Data Collection – Part I

Observation and content analysis

Episode 19

Qualitative Techniques of Data Collection – Part II

Focus Group Method, Person Interview & Projective Techniques

Episode 20

Questionnaire Designing

Week 6

Episode 21

Measurement and Scaling Techniques

Episode 22

Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio Scale

Episode 23

Criteria for Good Measurement

Episode 24

Attitude Measurement

Week 7

Episode 25

Introduction to Sampling and Steps in Sampling Process

Episode 26

Probability Sampling Techniques

Episode 27

Non-Probability Sampling Techniques

Episode 28

Statistics of Sampling

Week 8

Episode 29

Formulation of Hypotheses

Episode 30

Testing of Hypotheses

Episode 31

Test of Significance

Episode 32

Editing, Coding, Classification and Tabulation

Week 9

Episode 33

Univariate Analysis – Part I

Measures of Central Tendency

Episode 34

Univariate Analysis – Part II

Measures of Dispersion and Skewness

Episode 35

Bivariate – Correlation Analysis

Episode 36

Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

Week 10

Episode 37

Chi-Square Test of Significance

Episode 38

Research Report

Episode 39

Guidelines for Report Writing

Episode 40

Components of Research Reports