Business Intelligence and Competitive Analysis

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  • Welcome!
    • Welcome to Business intelligence and competitive analysis (or competitive intelligence for short)! In Week 1, you will learn the story of American Airlines Group, the challenges it faces, and the framework of competitive analysis. You will get a feel of competitive intelligence through a comparison of the world’s major economies.
  • Industry Analysis
    • In Week 2, you will learn industry analysis, including market potential, risk and competition intensity, and value chain analysis.
  • Competition Positioning
    • In Week 3, you will learn how to position a company within an industry to find out where the company stands in the competitive landscape.
  • Enterprise Diagnosis
    • In Week 4 (final week), you will learn enterprise diagnosis - a company level analysis, i.e., benchmarking individual companies to discover their strengths and weaknesses, identifying performance drivers and levers, and through a breakdown analysis of revenue or assets, discovering the key issues and the causes.