Business Environment

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Week 1 Basics of Business Environment
  • Business: Concept of Business, Scope and Characteristics of Business, Types of Business Organisations, Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation
  • Business Environment: Levels of Business Environment- External- Macro, Micro, Internal.
  • Competitive Structure of Industries, PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • Environment Analysis, Changing dimensions of Business Environment

Week 2 Socio Cultural Environment
  • Demographic Environment

Week 3 Culture: Elements
  • Nature and Impact of Culture on Business
  • Cultural Elements- Language, Religion, Family, Aesthetics, Education, etc.
Week 4 Economic Environment
  • Nature of Economy, Elements of Economic Environment
  • Economic Systems and Business Environment
  • Economic planning in India, Economic Policies and Conditions
Week 5 Polito-Legal Environment
  • Political Environment: Political Environment and Economic System
  • Types of Political Systems, Risks posed by Political Systems
  • Political Institutions- Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Role of Government in business
  • Legal Environment: Major regulations pertaining to Business, Intellectual Property Rights.
Week 6 Financial Environment
  • Financial System and its components
  • Financial Institutions in India and their role
  • Foreign Investments, Foreign Direct Investments
  • Need for FDI in developing countries, Factors influencing FDI
Week 7 Natural and Technological Environment
  • Natural resources and sustainability, Renewable and Non-renewable resources
  • Environmental issues related to Business Global Warming, Carbon credits, Industries and Pollution.
  • Technology and Competitive Advantage, Innovation, Technological Leadership, sources of technological dynamics, impact of technology on globalisation, Technology transfer, technology adaption, Digitalisation of Business
Week 8 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CSR concept, Need for social responsibility of business, Social Responsibility of Business towards different groups
  • Barriers to social responsibility, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance
  • Social Audit
Week 9 Economic Integration
  • Economic Integration: Levels of Economic Integration, Effects of Economic Integration, Major Regional Trading Blocs
  • WTO- Objective and Evolution of GATT, Uruguay Round, GATT vs WTO, Organisation of WTO, Functions of WTO, TRIPS, TRIMS, GATS, Dispute Settlement Mechanism, Dumping and anti-dumping measures.