Business English: Meetings

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This course will teach you vocabulary and skills related to participating in meetings. You will learn terms and phrases used both in email and in speaking to arrange, participate in, and conclude meetings. The goals of this course are to enable you to participate effectively in on-site meetings and teleconferences and to prepare you to write a proposal as an outcome of a meeting.

Course Learning Objectives

• Arrange a meeting though email and by telephone
• List expectations and protocols related to on-site meetings and teleconferences
• State phone numbers, dates, currencies and sales figures accurately
• Write a proposal with appropriate organization and vocabulary


Introduction to Meetings
-In this first week, you’ll learn about different types of meetings and what makes a successful meeting.

The Language of Meetings
-In week two, you’ll learn about participating in and running meetings in The Language of Meetings.

Reporting In Meetings
-In the third week you’ll learn how to give a report in a meeting and what to do at the end of the meeting to summarize what has been decided.

Writing A Proposal
-In the final week, you’ll look at how to write a proposal based on the decision of a meeting.