Bushfires: Response, Relief and Resilience

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The increasing impacts of climate change are exacerbating the risk factors associated with disasters such as bushfires. Individuals and organisations must learn to respond to emergencies, survive and recover from humanitarian crises that are beyond their current expertise.

Challenges and lessons learned from disaster recovery globally suggest that there is a need for individuals and community leaders to understand more about bushfire/wildfire disasters. The causes, mitigation, seeking help and longer term recovery. By the end of this course, you will gain knowledge on bushfire hazards and causes, propensity to spread, mitigation measures and recovery.

This course is significant for individuals and the public interested in gaining knowledge about reducing their vulnerability to bushfires, effective coping strategies in the aftermath of a bushfire event and building resilience in the face of future disasters.

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Communities across the world are vulnerable to wildfires, this course assists anyone who lives in a rural area at risk of fire, as well as those who work within local and federal governments, health practitioners and other support personnel.